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Ian Streets is the owner of About Access Ltd and has been involved in the world of access since 2000. Ian became a consultant member of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) in 2003.

The company works nationwide and even internationally and focuses on the built environment. This can be reviewing designs of proposed new buildings or refurbishments moving on to undertaking access audits of existing buildings and providing training on how to carry out access audits.

We have clients from all types of organisations here is a list of a few: government departments (Home Office), local authorities, charities, educational establishments (schools, colleges and universities), ecclesiastical buildings (churches, mosques and synagogues), arenas (sports and music), retail, offices and heritage buildings, typically for English Heritage.

Design appraisals

We have worked on many schemes supporting designers. These have ranged from schools to shopping centres. Most notable is the Icon shopping outlet at The O2 in London.

Access audits

These are the bread and butter of the business. These range from council offices, historic buildings to retail and everything in between. High profile sites include The O2 in London, Dover Castle, Osborne House and the National Outdoor Centre in Wales.


We provide training on how to carry out an access audit. This has traditionally been done in person but we now offer two courses online. One for N Ireland the other for England, Scotland and Wales.

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If you would like to have a chat please call me on 07 957 564 182 or email at ian@aboutaccess.co.uk. Or visit our website. 

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