Emily Dewey - Trainer

Training area: Autism Awareness 

Emily is passionate about volunteering; especially when it concerns autism. She wants to spread the understanding and help that she received as a child.

She has got a unique perspective; having been a child with a severe language delay and other autistic traits, she is now able to communicate her experiences as an adult.

Emily was diagnosed with semantic­ pragmatic disorder (SPD) in 1995. SPD is an invisible disability that involves slower processing of language compared to the average person. It is linked to the autism spectrum.

Since graduating in 2013, Emily has worked full time in customer services, administration and data analysis .

Emily’s story

Emily found specialist provision and support at Bushy Leaze, a special needs nursery in Alton, Hampshire, and later The Meadows School in Bordon, Hampshire, a special needs secondary school. Both focused on helping her developing speech and communication and she continued her education in mainstream school from 1997

At secondary school, she raised £2,000 by organising two charity events and mentored a younger pupil with autism. While studying at Nottingham University, she was elected treasurer and then secretary, of a charity society, and graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Theology (BA Hons).

Wanting to continue volunteering, she started to help Toucan Diversity Training in 2015 and became a Trustee.

Emily has also recently begun giving talks for training events with Toucan Diversity. This training highlights her experiences of living with autism and aims to give a better understanding of what autism is like. This includes tips about communicating and supporting the individual.

Toucan Diversity Training gave Emily the opportunity to become an accredited trainer.

She has completed a Level 3 in Education and Training.

Training aims:

  • Discuss own experiences of living with autism
  • Discuss the experiences of autism from parents’ and siblings’ perspectives
  • Identify the various traits linked to autism and how they affect a person’s life
  • To identify effective ways of dealing with autism

Training methods:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Video work
  • Discussions


Course duration: 1 hour

Group size: maximum 20


Emily Dewey

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