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30th June 2021

Because Equality Matters! 

Rob Trent takes over as Chair of Toucan Diversity 

A man who has campaigned for the rights of disabled people has been  appointed as Chair of Toucan Diversity, a social enterprise that provides  equality and disability awareness training.  

Rob Trent, who is himself disabled, will take over as Chair of Toucan  Diversity on July 2. Rob, who is a mouth painting artist specialising in  landscapes, is a keen football fan of AFC Bournemouth and has worked  with Football Authorities to improve access for disabled people. 

Rob graduated with a BSc Honours Degree in Information Systems in  1991 and worked for Ordnance Survey before retiring in 2018. He has  been a trustee for Disability Rights UK for the past six years and is also  a trustee for Flat Spaces, which is a charity providing accessible holiday  accommodation for severely disabled people. 

“I was honoured to be asked to serve as Chair for Toucan Diversity”,  said Rob. “As a disabled person myself, I believe my lived experience of  disability, along with all the challenges that can entail, will enable me to  make a well-informed and constructive contribution to the work Toucan  Diversity does”. 

“Although I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a successful career in  I.T., it hasn’t been without its challenges. Toucan’s training is designed and delivered by a team of accredited disabled trainers who share their 

lived experience of a disability. I believe that training will enable employees at all levels of organisations to be better informed about disability, including the practical issues that might come up”. 

Rob was born with arthrogryposis, a condition affecting the joints and  muscular development. From the age of 6 he attended Chailey Heritage  Special School where he was taught to be as independent as possible.  In addition to holding a number of trustee positions with charities, Rob is  also the Managing Director of an online private sector start-up business  (Access Advisr Ltd) which has a vision of making difficult journeys easier  for disabled people.  

Toucan Diversity’s Development Director, Anne-Marie Asgari, is  delighted to have Rob on board: “I have no doubt Rob will bring a wealth  of 

experience and knowledge of disability, along with the challenges it  presents, to our organisation”. 

“In addition to his impressive career with Ordnance Survey, Rob has  shown his commitment to working to improve the lives of other disabled  people. He will furthermore provide us with expertise and strategic  oversight that will enable us to continue to go from strength to strength”. 

And with around 20% of the population having some kind of disability,  Rob argues the case for disability equality training has never been  stronger: “There is a huge wealth of untapped talent out there … with  our training, employers will learn how to make the most of the skills and  experience disabled people have and service-providers will be better  placed to offer services that meet the needs of their disabled  customers”. 

“I am passionate about equality and inclusion for disabled people which  is why I was keen to get involved with and offer my full support to  Toucan Diversity. I look forward to meeting the team and the many other  people we work with”. 


For more information and to arrange an interview with Rob Trent, please either contact Toucan Diversity’s Development Director Anne-Marie  Asgari, by emailing, or by telephone on 07834 885539.  


Toucan Diversity Training Ltd is a social-profit organisation that provides  equality training in order to promote social inclusion for disabled  people. We are an award-winning, user-led social enterprise based in  Portsmouth.  

Our training is designed and delivered by our team of accredited  disabled trainers who will share their lived experience of a disability. 

Employees at all levels of your organisation probably need to be better  informed about disability, including the practical issues that might arise. 

Disability Equality Training will extend their understanding and help them  capitalise on the value that disabled customers and employees bring.

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