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Toucan Diversity is excited to introduce you to Nadege Schiltz the creator of Secret Access who provides a whole range of accessibility ramps.

One Step Too Many

My journey began in 2011. I decided that I had enough of working in a bank making the rich richer and I realised that I wanted to do something more useful and genuine with my life.

For some reason, England always felt like home so it came to me as an evidence that it was my way forward. 

It is easy for me to get places and when my fiance asked if some of the restaurants I loved are accessible, I would not know as I just step up and climb steps without even realising.

He has been a real eye-opener on how unfair and frustrating the simple things can be.

More than often, we have to face inaccessibility but it was during one of our trips that we found a product that will be our game changer and the new face of accessibility in the UK.

Accessibility starts with Secret Access…

Access to the inaccessible needs to be created as a seamless integration of society. For too long, access to buildings was gained through the use of big chunky metal ramps, access at the back of buildings, through the fire exit or sometimes even people offering to lift wheelchairs up a flight of stairs.

The reality is: this is just a reminder that you are different.

We had to try and bring this amazing idea to the UK market.

It has been a long journey, but I can happily say that we are now ready to change your vision on ramps.

From hidden automatic ramps to the lightest in Europe portable carbon ramp: if you have an accessibility problem, we have an accessibility solution.

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Telephone – 0333 772 2012


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