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Why a Social Impact Study? 

Social enterprises are set up in order to bring about social change. Toucan Diversity is no different, as our aims and objectives are to encourage a social change in attitudes towards disabled people. We hope to achieve this, with our team of accredited trainers who all have a lived experience of a disability. They will help us to achieve our aim, one training session at the time.






How can we measure if our project contributes to a societal attitude change towards disabled people?   

You might consider disabled people as different and separate from you. Many people do.   

Only 17% of disabled people are born with a disability. Anyone can become disabled at any moment, through illness or accident. Our courses will help you put disability in context.   

You and your team might be unsure how to behave towards disabled people.   

Non-disabled people often lack confidence about how to handle disability and this leads to discrimination. Our courses give you the knowledge to change your attitudes and behaviour.  

We have created two different formats of collecting information from our training participants:  

  • Feedback forms – filled out after every training session.
  • Survey – sent out to past participant to establish if our training has a lasting impact.   

“Excellent interaction and participation. One of the best and most relevant training I ever attended.”
Participant – John Pounds Centre – 

 Please follow the links below for the results of our Social Impact investigation:   

Training feedback forms:  Data_All_190308 







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