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Top Tips on how to assist someone with Cerebral Palsy

Definition of Cerebral Palsy


Cerebral Palsy or CP is a physical or motor functioning disability, which can occur before, during, or immediately after birth. It can affect gross-motor skills such as walking,
standing or sitting, or sometimes all three. It can also affect fine motor skills such as handwriting, cutting, and feeding. It is caused, by a brain injury or by an illness before or during, or after birth. The physical problems are caused, by a lack of muscle control and balance.  Many people with CP, but not all are wheelchair users and rely on technology to function in their daily life.

Definition by Dr. Rebecca Butler

Top Tips:

Talk to the person and not to their PA or friend, we are perfectly able to hold our own conversation. Our way of communication may be different, and we may be using alternative methods such as a tablet.  Wait longer for a response in silence, do not attempt to finish their sentence yourself.

If the person is using a wheelchair, please don’t touch the wheelchair or remove any of their mobility aids.  If they ask you for help, please follow their instruction exactly.

The person will know what they need, ask them, and never assume.

Please make sure you know where the ramp is and how to use it.  If there is a lift make sure it is accessible.

Please make sure you tell the person where the accessible toilet is.

Every person with CP is different, please treat them with respect.

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