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Training area: Invisible Disability Awareness Trainer.

Den Barry

Originally from London, I now live in Southsea with my wife Jane and we share our home with our three dogs and three cats. I have three grown-up children and a granddaughter.

My early work experience was gained in retail management, a variety of driving jobs and customer service roles. I returned to full-time education as a mature student in 1993 and eventually graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a history degree in 1997.

Following graduation I worked for a social housing provider, eventually progressing to a senior management role before taking redundancy in a national restructure in 2014.

During this time my passion for equality of opportunity grew as I worked closely – and later more strategically – with a number of vulnerable client groups. I also gained my first experiences of life in the social-enterprise sector.

It was during the final years of working in this area that I developed eye problems associated with type 1 diabetes and I started to lose my sight. A number of procedures followed and my sight was eventually saved but at a greatly reduced level. I was offered a redundancy package and, from 2014, I began adapting to living with a disability as well as to the world outside of work.

To pass the time and I started to write. I had previously written a couple of history books and had always thought that I would write fiction one day. Encouraged by Jane, I wrote my first novel, ‘No Way Out’.  Spurred on by a modest number of positive reviews, I am now writing my second book.  I also play the drums in a local band – The Glorias – which keeps me out of mischief!

Den Barry ( August 2019)

Here is a recent recording of my Express FM interview with Darren Gamblen:


Den Barry

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